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    Professional Marketing International is in business for one reason - to help our clients succeed. It's a bold statement, but true, that we would cease to exist as a company if clients were not succeeding in our programs. We can't possibly share every success story we receive - we have binders full of them - but we'd like to share a few.

  • Take a lesson - this one's on us

    One reason PMI remains at the top of its game while many in the industry are falling is due to its industry-leading curriculum. Specialized focus groups within the company continually scout new trends and technologies that can make our clients successful, then report those trends to the development team who performs further research and condenses the information into easy to follow, step-by-step interactive lessons, tutorials, lesson guides and workbooks.

  • You want to succeed, we want to help

    Professional Marketing International provides comprehensive training in the fields of real estate investing and building an online business. Within these fields are many specializations. For example, within real estate you may be more interested in a Fast Cash strategy than a Buy and Hold strategy. In building an online business, you may be more interested in creating an e-commerce website than making money in auctions or affiliate marketing. Whatever your interest, PMI offers current, relevant curriculum to fulfill it.

  • Learn from someone who's been there...

    It's one thing to be able to teach something conceptually and quite another to teach it from first hand experience. The consultants at PMI live the life they are teaching. If they teach real estate, it's because they have invested in real estate. If they teach e-commerce, it's because they own their own e-commerce business. This combination of knowledgeable consultants and cutting-edge curriculum leads to the ultimate learning experience.

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